The Ones Who Walk Away from Omelas By Ursula Le Guin

In the beginning of the story the author describing the city of Omelas as a utopia for the people who live there. On the first page the narrator describe the city festival of summer and how it bring joy to the people of the city. The people of the city like to live there. On the second page the narrator then tells the true color about the people who live there. The city was not a utopia but was a dystopia. The people “thought they were happy” (p1) but there were was not. The city is later describe a slum where people are disrespect to each other and everyone do want the want with no moral consequence.

On page 4 the narrator introduce a boy that lives in a small room in a basement. “A little light seeps in dustily between cracks in the boards, secondhand from a cobwebbed wind somewhere across the cellar” a room that the little boy live in. On page nine the narrator describe how people feel and react when they hear and see the boy in the basement cellar. People in the city goes around and do they daily active and pretend as if the boy does not exist. They leave the city and never return. It show that people feel so guilty and disgust about the way the treat the boy. By walking a way, they are equally responsible for the child miserable existence as those who remain in Omelas.

The Yellow Wallpaper

The story set suspense and trill like a horror movie. The first page the narrator describe her trill for living, she want something exciting in her live but is trap in a house.  Her husband does not have the patient for living an exciting and trilling life because he has not patience with faith and intense horror of superstition. The narrator tone state of anxiety throughout out the story. The narrator show angry desperation and sarcasm. Because the story is set in the 180’s, women feel trap in a relationship.

“At night in any kind of light, in twilight, candlelight, lamplight and worst of all by moonlight, it is being causes bars! The outside pattern I mean and the woman behind are as plain as can be”(p6). The narrator describes her life as she was trap in the house. The pattern on the wallpaper remind her how she is trap in the house. As the pattern repasts and does not have a begin or an end, her life does not have a meaning. She have dreams of been a write but is unable to write because John hate when she write.

On page 3 “I think sometimes that if i were only well enough to write a little it would relieve the press of ideas and rest”; the narrator describes how she feels if she could write better. On those two page she describe how when want to do more in life but is unable to accomplish things in her life. She is not fully aware of been trap in the house, she think John know what’s best for her. At end of the story she feel so trap and angry that it came out with a outburst rage.

Who’s Irish by Gish Jen

The author show the clash between the Chinese, the irsh and the american cultures. It’s talk about narrator grandmother marry to a different culture and having mixed race children. In the begin the narrator held the reader interest talking about the grandmother having power in a man’s world.

The grandmother part of the story was more interesting that the rest of the story. Grandmother try to live Chinese live life style in the united state. She live as if she was living in china. The grandmother is the head of the family. She is someone who is will do anything to protect her family. On the other hand her granddaughter lives a completely different life from the grandmother. The story show that some family are a scheme of their relative whom have to to live the American life style.

I am from a different country and the life style from where i am from is different from the American life style. My parents still follow the tradition life style, but I done follow the tradition. I do sometime follow. When two or more culture clash, the most popular most likely to win. Like most teenage today people are likely to follow what most of the other people are doing. This story is very confusing, it goes from one generation to another generation of people for the same family.

Two kinds by Amy Tan


In the story the author amy tan show how a mother can pressure her daughter to become someone she does not want to be. On the other hand the daughter rebel on the mother for making her do something she doesn’t want to do. On page 1228, the mother the author show the side of the mother that want her daughter to success. She also show that she is a like to ben in control of her her house.The mother clearly have good intention for her child to grow up and become someone respectable in the community. Even though the child want to see to her mother happy she is force to play the piano. She also rebel against her mother for making her play the piano and not allowing her to follow her dreams.

The story also focus on the american dream and the tradition of a family from another country. The american dream is that you can be anyone you want to be and tradition is you follow what your family tell you what to do. Every culture have different view on how children should be raise. My parent came form another country and have a different view from how American children are raise.No parents should push their children to become what they think their child should become in the the future. Parents should decide what their children should study to become, that decision have to be left of their children to make.

The Story of an Hour by Kate Chopin

In the story the author Kate Chopin emphasize Mrs.Mallard endures after hearing of the death of her husband. Mrs.Mallard is in the hospital with a heart problem. Her sister Josephine had to told her the bad news in a gentle way. Her husband was believed to have died in a railroad disaster. The death of her husband had brought her some relief. Mrs.Mallard loved her husband and was said to hear about his death. At the end Brently Mallard was not kill in the railroad accident and was far from the scene of the accident. The unexpected arrival of Brently cause Mrs.Mallard to have a heart attack that kill her. When he return it was too late Mrs.Mallard was all ready dead of heart disease.

Even though the story is short, the author leave little room for character background information and flashback for the story. When Mrs. Mallard hear the news about her husband accident she when throw all five stage of grief in a few minute. The five stage of grief are denial, anger, bargaining, depression and acceptance. The author should have done a better job to describe Mrs. Mallard grief to her acceptation of her husband death. The author should have give more details on Mrs. Mallard and Berently life before Berently accident. The author leave the reader with lot’s of question about Berently and Mrs.Mallard life.


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