Lying Part 4

In the final part I find it harder to believe the Lauren has epilepsy. She gives more information about her lying. She made up different lye just so she can fit in with other. “this, he said, this paper, he said is not real”(p175). The doctor note also makes it clearly that she did not have epically. When the school doctor read the note for dr.neu, it was very clear that she need attention.  When the doctor said the note was fake and medical note for doctor is not written that way. Her creditably when out and all her story become lies.

At the end of the novel the mother comes to play another important factor in her lying. “you are becoming just like a daughter to me” (p187). She finally found someone that she can rely on to be a mother. Even though she look up to Elaine as a mother whom she lies to in the novel. She meets someone who she can be honest to but is lie. This makes it harder to know if she has epilepsy.

Overall the book is interesting to treat. It is very difficult to tell whether she have epilepsy or not. The was parts where she try’s to convince the reader that she really have epilepsy and some part that she did not have epilepsy. She told lye after lye that created many problems for her.


Lying by Lauren Slater Part 3

In the beginning of part three Lauren started to lie. It was very hard to follow her lie and follow her truth. At the conference Lauren made up a lie about her her name. While going to the conference she started to think of name she will go by. ” Jean levy” i said to myself over and over again on the peter pan bus going to bread loaf”(p116). As the reader have know that Lauren is a very good lier and will lie about anything. she was not admit to the conference but still went. she made up a lie just she could go to the conference.

Eventually she went by the name of Jean Levy to impress christopher main. “Did i hear you yesterday, during sign-in, say your name was, was jean levy”(p121). She did wanted to tell the true about her name but did not tell anyone her real name. Lauren feel that she need to lie at the conference to cover her real identify. she was only seventeen when she went to he conference and the age limited was nineteen year old to attend.

She made up several lie while she was at bread loaf conference. One lie after another while she stay there for the summer. Her lies made it harder to believe her story.

Lying by Lauren Slater part 2

Part two start out a little confusing for me. The narration was is hard to fallow through out the part. The narrator unreliable narration and the mother inference make it difficult to follow the a theme. The mother seem to be in most of the setting of the story. “That school, my mother said, is run by nuns”(p31). The mother continue to play an important role in Lauren life. The mother see to influence the daughter decision in the second part. She could be the reason the lauren is lying about her illness.

“My mother stopped, snapped her mouth shut, and for just a moment she seemed flustered”(p35). Going to the doctor the reader can see how much influence she have over her daughter. Lauren act different when she is around her mother and act another way with the doctor. Eventually the doctor figure out that Lauren is lying to him. He knows that she want to tell the truth but is afraid to hurt her mother feeling and react to her telling her.

Whether Lauren is lying or not is still undetermined by the reader dour the second part.

Lying by Lauren Slater part 1

After reading the introduction and the first part I am looking forward to read the rest of the book to know what happens.

In the novel Lying the narrator knows that something is wrong with herself. Her parents are lying to her because their care about her. In many occasion he over heard them talking about her. Lauren parents lying to her is because their care for her very much. “ I can dimly recall seeing my father face in the background of the hotel room, plane and shocked” (p20). The father was sad find out about his daughter illness and is unable to cope with the news. They did not want to tell her because since she is young she will not be able to take the news well.

“She touched my head gently now, like it was hot, like it was cold, like it was warm” (p23).  The mother cares her like another will do for their child. The mother transform from a party person to a caring person after her daughter illness. She was not there for her daughter first seizure because she was drunk. Now she is a change person.

She is trapped in world of her parent’s lye and herself. Lauren pretends that she doesn’t know about her illness. “How did I feel? Shrinks have been asking me that question for decades now” (p20). Seeing a shrink’s meant that she is unable to deal with her seizure as a child. Now that she understands her illness she is able to treat it. Eventually the told Lauren about her illness and took her to a school where she learn about it.

Lolita by Vladimir Nabokov p249-309

Humbert Humbert describe Loilta as a prey to him in part one of the novel. In the second part Humbert shows how far he will go to get Lolita. “I got out of the cat and slammed its door”(p269). Humbert set out a new plan to get lolita back for himself. He distance himself for everyone including Rita and focusing only on getting Lolita back. He was finally going to get his Lolita back, no one is going to stop him. Humbert after seeing her, he noticed that Lolita have out grown her nymphet look . He did seem to be in love with he anymore. Without her nymphet look, Lolita no longer resemble Annabel.

“I could not kill he, of course, as some have thought”(p270).  After all humbert went trough and on his way to find her while planning to kill her. Humbert then realize that he want not angry at lolita but want angry at the man who kidnapper her form the hospital. That man rob him of Lolita remaining nymphet years. Humbert set out on another quest to kill the man who rob lolita form him for all those years. Humbert loving Lolita very much, he then know that he could kill he. Despite everything he did to her, her getting kidnap and never coming back to him. Humbert narration toward the ending of the novel, make the reader think the he is going to kill Lolita and her husband. Hubert show his true love for lolita by not killing her or her husband.

Lolita by Vladimir Nabokov p143-247

Humbert and Lolita travel the country and continue their love affair.  Humbert try to recreate some of the place the he and Annabel by taking her outdoor. Where he pretended that Lolita is Annabel.  “We comadre, let me tell you  that i did look for a beach”(167). Humbert going to the beach will give him an opportunity to recreate the moment he and Annabel spent one night. In his eyes Lolita represent Annabel that try to make love to her on the beach will be like making love to Annabel. Lolita to Humbert Humbert was always Annabel and nothing more. He see Lolita as a way to continue his romantic live with Annabel.

Humbert living his life with Annabel through Lolita.

Even thought Humbert have Lolita to himself, he still have fear that he and Lolita will get caught or Lolita will run away. “But i was weak, i wan to wise, my schoolgirl nymphet had me in the thrall”(183). When there was living together Lolita become more demand by asking for more money. This lead humbert to fear that she might run way or ruin him by telling the police the truth about them. Humbert knowing that Lolita might be playing with him. He took causation from preventing Lolita form to catching him off guard.


Giving Lolita a Voice

“Give it gave, she pleaded, showing the marbled flash of her palms.  i produced delicious. she grasped it and bit into it, and my heart was like snow under thin crimson skin, and with the monkeyish nimbleness that was so typical of the American nymphet”(). chapter 13

I plead with him to give me the magazine. I then grab the magazine out of his hand that he was reading. I held the apple in one hand while flipping through the magazine like a crazy person. I found the article i was looking and show it to humbert.  Humbert look real interesting  when i show him the article and start talking about it. the picture of the week in the magazine was of a poster replica of the venus di milo, half burned in sand. it was a very curious picture for me as i wound want make it so exciting to me. Humbert then try to get back the magazine form me. i pull back the magazine a he try to grab it back. He grab my arm and twisted as he try to get the magazine back. It fell on the the floor and i recoiled and lay back in the right hand corner of the davenport. Humbert sitting across from me looking a me as i did something wrong just because i took this magazine. He was probably going to tell mom what i did to his stuff.

Lolita by Vladimir Nabokov P97-142

“Yes, I would devote all my life to the child’s welfare. Here, incidentally, was a little cross that Charlotte Becker had given me when we were both young”(100).  humbert intention was not to take care of lolita as a daughter but to keep lolita for himself. Now that Charlotte is out of the way Humbert can now proclaim his love for Lolita. It was clear to humbert now that there was now more obsolete to go through. All his effort of get rid of charlotte, attempt to put sleeping pill and put them to sleep, and killing charlotte in the lake; it turns out that he didn’t get to kill her. Humbert play his card right when he decided to adopt lolita after his wife death.

Lolita now belong to humbert humbert.

Now that lolita is humbert. In the being Humbert Humbert present Lolita as a perfect young women. Now he present a side of lolita that no one expected. Humbert present lollita as some played humbert to get her way. On the way back from camp lolita was complete different form her introduction.  “say, wouldn’t mother absolutely mad if she found out we were lovers?'(114). the innocent little girl have left lolita, now only a women remain. This prove that Lolita will do anything to humbert so she can get want she wants. In the reading the novel lolita know humbert want to be with her. Now that they are alone she is playing game with him. The one thing humbert was afraid that was going to happen to her, actual happen. Her experience at camp made her some one else. this side change my option about lolita, did not expect that. i will like to see how she will act next.


Lolita by Vladimir Nabokov P34-97

“I knew that all I had to do was to drop back, take a deep breath, then grab her by the ankle and rapidly dive with my captive corpse”(86p).  The narrator obsession for Lolita has lead him to fantasize about murder Lolita mother Charlotte. He even marry Charlotte so he could say close to Lolita. The narrator show no remorse when he fantasize about murdering his wife.

It hurt the narrator really bad for Charlotte to take Lolita away from him. His wife was the only thing standing between Lolita and him. He came with this great plan to murder his wife. The perfect place, the perfect time to commit the prefect murder. The opportunity had presented itself for the narrator to get rid of his problem. He sees his opportunity like a lion preying on a wounded animal and goes in for the kill. His mind is telling to commit the murder but he could not do so. The narrator to go so far as to thinking about killing someone show how much he love and care for Lolita in the novel. The narrator even state that Lolita is the love of his life. The narrator imagine himself planning and committing the murder, then getting away with it.  If he had committed the murder, he could get away with murder, or he could get caught and got to jail. This mean that Lolita would been take away from him and everything else he has accomplish so far in their relationship.

“Simple, was it not? But what d’ye know, folks—I just could not make myself do it!”(87p). The narrator could not bring himself to murder his wife Charlotte. The narrator is many things in the novel but he is not a murder. Even though he like nymphet and would do anything to be with them, he could not commit such a crime like murder. There is no such thing as a perfect murder, eventually you get caught and have to pay for your crime.


Lolita By Vladimir Nabokov 1-34

In the novel narrator seem to have an obsession with young girl. Through out the novel the narrator keep calling them nymphets. In the fist part of the novel the narrator flashback to his childhood sweetheart and begin to tell why the narrator is obsess with young girl. The narrator try very hard to break away for his childhood sweetheart but have a hard time doing so. When the narrator  try to so do something comes to his mind and her remember Annabel.  “Annabel was, like the writer, of mixed parentage: half English, half-Dutch, in her case. I remember her features far less distantly today than I did few year ago before Lolita”(11). The narrator give a caparison between Lolita and Annabel on how they look alike. Annabel look and her death, the narrator never got over them. By seeing Lolita brought back memory  of Annabel for the narrator causing the narrator to become more obsess.  “I leaf again and again through these memories and keep asking myself”(4). The narrator felt that her was rob of a adolescent romance. The narrator think about these memory because he think that he and Annabel were meant to be together. The narrator that about what he could have done to send more time with Annabel. He also say that he blames Annabel for his obsession with nymphets. His obsession is so overwhelming, eve though he is marry he couldn’t stoping thinking about nymphets. The narrator spend most of this his sitting in the part and look a nymphets. The narrator character is describe as some one who keep to him-self and keep thinking about his old memory.