Lying Part Four

In the last part of the book, I can see that Lauren is trying hard to change herself and not try to tell lies anymore. When Lauren joined a group called the “Alcoholics Anonymous” (180), where she lied to the people in the group that she is a alcoholic but which it wasn’t true. Through the group, she met many different kind of people that helped her changed. When Lauren decide to tell everyone in her group the truth that she isn’t an alcoholic and that she has epilepsy. In the end, she couldn’t do it because it was hard for her to tell everyone that she lied and she says “I felt very bad” (208), and “I felt like a liar” (208). When she was had another chance to tell her group that she isn’t really an alcoholic, everyone in her group told Lauren to not talk about it. Lauren felt “furious” (213), and then she leaves because they were not listening to her and won’t believe what she says.

But after she joined the group, Lauren’s relationship with her mother have changed. When Lauren went to visit her mother and father, she had a conversation with her mother where they were spending some mother and daughter time together. After she visited her family and ate dinner with them, their relationship grew closer because Lauren says that “we all laughed together in a nice way, a little bit close, a little warmth” (191). Overall this book is great because it shows how Lauren change from the beginning to the end of the book.

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