Lying Part Four + Afterword

Lying has finally reached its end and Lauren has been through a difficult journey that she feels will begin as it ended, “I was born from nothing and to nothing I will return” (169). She has been through many dramatic experiences that have changed her and that have molded her into a unique individual.  Although it has been years since her epilepsy has affected her physically the effects of her ailment still troubled her mentally.

She still craves to have attention put on her and will refrain from any setting that does not provide what she desires, “I stopped going to classes. They were all in lecture halls, and I was not noticed. No one thought me special” (172). This lack of attention and drive pushes her into a form of depression that prompted for serious soul searching. Her sole peace now in her life was the single institution that has raised her spirits in the past and that has been the Catholic Church, “I visited churches, because they were soothing to me and could possibly take the place of professional counseling” (177). With the help of a church she is seen to have received the help that she truly deserves. All her life Lauren wanted compassion, attention, and freedom but from a positive influence. Sure throughout the story she has received these pleasures and more but as a result of lying, “You know, Dr. Neu, all those seizures I had right before the operation? I brought a lot of them all myself, because I liked the attention” (201). Thanks to the church she learned how to let go and fall so that way she can rise to be a better person an honest true person, “When we give up our desires, when we are willing to sit in emptiness, our new beings are born” (195). Overall this was a beautiful story of how a person can overcome their own struggles to live a life worth striving to have that is better than what she started out with.

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