Lying Part four

Finally Lauren reaches out to get help.  I was actually happy for the narrator Lauren as towards the end she became more of herself.  She sort of embraced the fact of who she was.  Because Lauren went to the AA group of alcoholics she helps me as the reader understand that her illness was much more than an illness. It was definitely a comparison to what everyday people go through whether or not it’s a disease just like stated “everyone in AA was battling against this disease of alcoholism as I, too, had battled against the disease o epilepsy”   . As the narrator starts off chapter eight she starts off with “I was born from nothing and to nothing I will return.” (169). As I states before I believe this is just her coming to terms that who she is what she will always be.

As I finished the book it basically left me with the terms of Lauren epilepsy being the definition of her wanting to gain attention. Whether she received the attention and then losing it, it was what caused her everyday trouble.

When Lauren visit the psychologist and he told her that the paper  was a lie (176) “this, he said, this paper , he said , is not real”  brought to my attention that it was one of her  routines of where she thought she could once again gain attention from but it failed her. The book in my opinion was about her trying to get attention because of the fact she lacked it from the people who meant the most to her.

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