Lying Part 4

In the final part I find it harder to believe the Lauren has epilepsy. She gives more information about her lying. She made up different lye just so she can fit in with other. “this, he said, this paper, he said is not real”(p175). The doctor note also makes it clearly that she did not have epically. When the school doctor read the note for dr.neu, it was very clear that she need attention.  When the doctor said the note was fake and medical note for doctor is not written that way. Her creditably when out and all her story become lies.

At the end of the novel the mother comes to play another important factor in her lying. “you are becoming just like a daughter to me” (p187). She finally found someone that she can rely on to be a mother. Even though she look up to Elaine as a mother whom she lies to in the novel. She meets someone who she can be honest to but is lie. This makes it harder to know if she has epilepsy.

Overall the book is interesting to treat. It is very difficult to tell whether she have epilepsy or not. The was parts where she try’s to convince the reader that she really have epilepsy and some part that she did not have epilepsy. She told lye after lye that created many problems for her.


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