Lying Part 4

This part of the story really changed my views on Lauren. I used to think that she blew things out of proportion, but now things have changed. “I handed him Dr. Neu’s paper. He read it, and then he looked at me. In my opinion, he read it very, very quickly, like maybe thirty seconds, a minute tops, so keep that in mind. ‘This,’ he said, ‘this paper,’ he said, ‘is not real.’ ‘It looks real to me,’ I said. I had absolutely no idea what he meant. ‘I think you should understand,’ he said softly, ‘that I am confrontational in style. And so it is entirely within my style to say that there is no way this paper was written by a doctor, or anyone even remotely related to the medical profession.’. . .’I’m sorry,’ he said, ‘but there is no Dr. Neu. What I mean by that,’ he said, ‘is that there is no Dr. Neu anywhere in the world who would perform a corpus callostomy on a patient with TLE. It’s just not done.” [175-76] When I read this I just said wow to myself. The fact that Dr. Neu might be a made up character. This brought me back to the paper we read in class about Hayward Krieger, and how he was a made up character.And whats ironic is how this made up character is also related to science about how and why people act the way they do.

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