Lying- final response

I am glad to see that, by the end of this novel, Lauren is getting the help that she needs. After reading about her fake interview (from pgs: 172-174), I really thought she lost it, especially when she left her number, expecting people to call her.(pg: 174) When she finally checked herself in “Alcoholics Anonymous”, I thought that she was doing something right for once.

When she finally opens up to her group, not only did I see a change in Lauren but, I also managed to see a change in her mother too. This becomes more apparent when Lauren decided to visit her parents and she notices this change. This long quote provides a good explanation of said change, “Usually her stiffness hurt me, but not tonight. Maybe because of AA, or Elaine, or Amy, or my higher power, or maybe just because I was happy she was happy, a burden off my back, I didn’t mind.”(pg: 189) This shows that Lauren has become more happier and less problematic than she usually was, and that her mother isn’t as aggressive as before. Now that Lauren has seemed help from AA and has practically turned to God(pg: 194), her epilepsy seems to be occurring less and less.

Even though Lauren may have lied many times in her memoir, she claims that “Lying is a book of narrative truth”.(pg: 219) Whether we, the audience, should believe her or not, she claims that what she says is the truth. Whatever the case may be, Lauren’s memoir is sure an interesting one, full of metaphors and “truths”, and it’s uniqueness only adds to it’s mysteriousness.

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