Last Lie

The last part of Lying, Lauren finally broke down the paper for our better understanding. She juxtaposed her illness with that of the AA group of alcoholics. She does this by giving reasons has to how the two are the same and how her use of metaphor was really the large part of her book. Lauren I felt was born an attention seeker, someone who always wants to be seen and she was a victim of her own disease which she defined in the book has epilepsy. Not to be taken literal as she states over and over again but its a stand in for her real sickness being a loner and constant attention seeker.

throughout the whole book, Lauren rarely describes her personal characteristics but seem to pay major attention to the causes of epilepsy and and in depth analysis of the disease. I felt she did this because both epilepsy and her desire for attention falls hand in hand. It was ironic how it played out because epileptics crave alot of attention and because of pity they are usually receivers of all the attention and Lauren personally was not getting that. She had kept it all in and this was her way of saying how neglected she was and how she wanted to be noticed. This whole book at first read could be considered a book about a persons physical state but metaphoircal it is something much deeper as we see.

Whether or not the scenes in the book are real or not, matters little because thats not the purpose of the memoir. In fact I think Lauren has she has said many times found it convenient to lie about certain scenes but the results are the same. Fact of the matter is I feel this memoir is not a typical memoir. It has a message, not just a boring life story as regular memoirs.

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