Lying part 3

This part was…interesting. I believe more than ever that Lauren is lying about the epilepsy, shes so explicit about the fact that shes lying just not about the specifics. She recollects for an entire month’s events then blames the epilepsy for the fact that she cannot remember the next event. I found it interesting that she was so open about the events with Christopher. She says them so nonchalantly like theres nothing wrong with what is happening.

I believe she is very smart. She knows exactly what to do to get what she wants. She provokes seizures to get out of uncomfortable situations and doesnt care about how it makes her look. She reapplied for the writing program under a different name knowing that she would get in. She even made up an age. Everything seems to work out for her; or so she makes it seem. That is, until Christopher enters her life. For the first time she encounters a relationship and it is totally twisted. i think that relationship is a metaphor in itself of how her life goes down the drain when she separates from her mother. Or how she has to find a way to exist successfully without her mother.

I also found interesting the whole Cherry Tree idea. The fact that after she gets the surgery she starts to remember things in episodes is amazing to me. I believe that may have been the way she got epilepsy and her mother doesnt want her to know so she doesnt think of her as a bad mother.

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