Lying Reading Response #13

Here we see laura expirecing her first surgery. She explains these types of “auras” she gets when shes doing something. “The auras wer feelings of god reaching down from the sky,The auras were feelings and tastes,delight and despairs and they wrapped me totally for the time they lasted.” (Page 110) Im guessing everything that is going on is the cause of her epilepsy. Her surgery was a sucess. I didnt really understand this chapter. It was confusin.

Im guessing she was seventeen and she was already expirencing sexual contact. “Epilepsy does not mean to be possed passivelyl;it means to need posess,actively.” (Page 157) Chritopher was the guy she was having sex with and since he left and now laura felt alone trying to figure out if she can change the past.” If only i could learn to live here in the chasm he cut,in the void out of which our world was born, if only i could.

Ican.” (Page 158)

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