Lying Part Three

In part three, Lauren changed after she did the surgery. After the surgery Lauren doesn’t have much seizures but, sometimes she have different types of aura. The auras that she felt allow her to become a creative writer and “The next time I felt an aura descend, I went straight to my desk, straight to my notebook. Holding my pen, I wrote faster and faster” (111). Before she started her freshmen year in college she “applied to a place called Bread Loaf, a fourteen-day writers’ conference in Vermont” (113). When she got accepted she met her reader, “Christopher Marin” (119), the author who will be reading the stories that she writes.

Throughout part three, Lauren’s relationship with Christopher grew closer, which is not what she expected. Her feelings for Christopher soon turned into love; after the writers’ conference ended, they often meet each other from time to time. As their relationship grew closer, Lauren grew to love him more and more. When she wasn’t writing letters to him she says “I called him. If he wasn’t in school, I called him at him” (152). This shows that Lauren’s love for Christopher is very deep. Finally, when Lauren decide to tell Christopher that she has epilepsy, he was surprised. After he find out that she has epilepsy, she says “I don’t remember. Somehow I got back to the bus, and we said good-bye I knew for good, and I got home and I could not stop crying” (157). At the end of part three, when Christopher find out that she has epilepsy, Lauren’s relationship with Christopher ended.

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