Lying by Lauren Slater Part 3

In the beginning of part three Lauren started to lie. It was very hard to follow her lie and follow her truth. At the conference Lauren made up a lie about her her name. While going to the conference she started to think of name she will go by. ” Jean levy” i said to myself over and over again on the peter pan bus going to bread loaf”(p116). As the reader have know that Lauren is a very good lier and will lie about anything. she was not admit to the conference but still went. she made up a lie just she could go to the conference.

Eventually she went by the name of Jean Levy to impress christopher main. “Did i hear you yesterday, during sign-in, say your name was, was jean levy”(p121). She did wanted to tell the true about her name but did not tell anyone her real name. Lauren feel that she need to lie at the conference to cover her real identify. she was only seventeen when she went to he conference and the age limited was nineteen year old to attend.

She made up several lie while she was at bread loaf conference. One lie after another while she stay there for the summer. Her lies made it harder to believe her story.

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