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It seems as if Lauren is made out to be this perfect liar, the effect of having both epilepsy and a “crave”(101) for attention.

While we already know of her epilepsy, her obsession for attention is officially revealed when realizing she had not been the only one in Dr. Neu’s life; it appears that Dr.Neu has a family. Lauren states, “his world was so wide, I was just a tiny piece”(96). Lauren seems to want to play that special role in someone’s life. She thought Dr.Neu needed her as his forever “patient”(94), which she comes to also think she was the only one in Christopher Marin’s interest. Much to Lauren’s dismay, she comes to find out that Christopher is in support of all his students; it appears while Lauren was in efforts of playing around with Christopher’s flirtatious remarks, she had forgotten “he had other students”(124). That moment was a heads ”down”(124) event for her.

I like how we get this origin of the author through her character in the story. Lauren states, “I talked about wanting to someday write…a book called Lying”(119) based on her life as an epileptic. We as readers get the feel of the start of her writing career as she developed them while at a young stage of life. The main idea that stood out to me was her connection between “epilepsy, auras and creativity”(112). These three elements in Lauren’s life identify the reason to why she speaks with such a metaphoric tongue. Her auras are described as these “feelings and tastes, delights and despairs”(110); all placing her into this “dreamy”(110) world of seeing life as this big metamorphic image. She describes her view from outside her window, “Oranges, blood red and drooping from trees. The delicious scent of burning leaves…”. It’s a big use of metaphor in words and imagery for setting. She states that “it was in an aura that I discovered my creativity”(119).

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