This whole chapter involves Lauren’s growth. I think the surgery is a metaphor too, that divides Lauren child/innocent before the operation and the more mature 17 year old girl after the surgery. After the surgery her seizures were less, and less intense. Her body matures and she starts with auras, one of then happened while typing that lead to an orgasm “I had an aura that ended in an orgasm”(111).  Then we are introduced to her sexual live that began with Christopher. “In my brain there was a gap where Dr. Neu had separated the sides, and in my body there was a gap, barely stitched together rip, and all you had to do was press its seams and it would split..”(132) Lauren compares Christopher and Dr. Neu, who created a hole in Laurens brain, and Christopher who breaks her body.I never thought about it, but what Laurent says its true “ ..only human beings can lie”(133) not verbally speaking, but we are the only race that can fake, feelings emotions.

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