lying reading response two~ Cindy

This section had several incidents, demonstrating the relationship between Laura and her mother. Laura feels as if to get satisfaction against her mother.Yet, without thinking of the consequences of her mothers feelings or reactions. Laura’s mother felt hurt and betrayed. I think from Laura’s young age she doesn’t realize that her mother’s actions are only overreacted from her loving her child, especially one in need of help. Laura also gives thanks in her recent years. A mothers love can only be viewed as loving if only appreciated by the child receiving the love. There are several sayings stating love will make you do crazy things.
Laura lack of feeling love made her illusion lifestyles that were only imagined by Laura.An example is when the officer made attention to Laura. Her lack of everyday relationship with her father, and her sickness created this image of a life outside of her parents household. I think if Laura had some friends besides her mother and doctors she would not have to crave for attention, while thinking of dramatic scenes of jumping into a six foot grave.
This part had me upset when after reading this section and going to the last page and finding out she made that whole scene up. I was like whoa, I guess this title of this book really explains Laura’s mind of thinking. But also the mother lies as well, so maybe her old habits of lying passed onto Laura. Laura and her mother’s relationship is very connected with all the confusion of emotions between the two. Its interesting learning about each other’s relationship and Laura.

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