Lying Part Two

Furthermore we learn more about the sickness, Epilepsy. Lauren continues to want more attention from her mother. She just want to impress her mother and make her proud even tho she suffering from this sickness. ” Spin, she would shout and i did it. “Leap now,” she shout, ” with your toe turned out,” and I did it, even when my lungs burned and my lips lost all their moisture” (28). Lauren even going through a lot of pain and falling down in the floor hard she still kept going because she she felt the more she got hurt the better she was. She wants to prove her mom that she is capable of doing whatever she tells her. I feel that Lauren is trying to get her mom to love her more than what her mother shows her and wants all the attention from her mom now that she is going through more seizures.

I see her that mom is still taking control of certain situations and her dad is just going along with what she says. Lauren mom is a strong and dominant person in this family and she wants to do just what she thinks is right. When the doctor told the mother about Lauren attending the school in Kansas the mother is not too happy about it and doesn’t really want to send her. The medication Lauren has to take its gonna increase and the mother doesn’t want to increase it due to fact that Lauren gets rash. The father takes no control in decisions that he thinks are better for Lauren, he just goes along with whatever the mother think is right and makes her happy.

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