The Lying Part Two

I was a bit confused at first because the way she described her mom I thought it was ironic.  I mean at one point get mom was this strict character and here I m reading her as a person who support her in the things she want to do. “Before and at first even after my seizures stated,  I skated at a pond.  For years my mother had been buying me books about Champions… and when it came to ice, my mother thought I had potential”(pg.27). It does seem that she is giving the idea that get mother is nor as bad as she seem. But again is really hard to believe whether or not her words is telling the truth. One thing I believe she does love to skate.  Now I also found that she kind of gives this scenario where skating is similar to how her life is. “You have to push your self first to go out in the cold. ..sharks and whales are waiting for you, and then to lasso against your beget judgement, when your whole self is longing just to nap”(pg.28). So I feel she is passionate towards that sport and how much suffering you have to go through to be good shows her suffering in a sense.

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