Lying response: part 2 (similarities to Lolita?)

This section of the novel that I read was surely an interesting one. In fact, some of the parts that I read reminded me of our previous book, LolitaI’m not sure if it’s the epilepsy, but this girl, Lauren, is quite the individual. In one of these similar parts, Lauren and her mother were confronted by a couple of policemen who accused her mom of child abused. Her description of this encounter went like this, “One knelt down by me and gently blotted my lip with his handkerchief. Right then and there I fell in love.”(p 42) A little girl in love with an older man, now why does that sound so familiar.

Another instance of our novel’s similarities can be found on page 49. When lauren and her class was at the pool, she described the girls in this manor, “if they were twelve or older their nipples pushed out from beneath their suits, lilies those girls, every one. I was a lily too.”(p 49) I don’t know why but for some reason, the term “lily” that was used here reminds me of how Humbert from Lolita calls his little girls “nymphets”.

Finally, from pages 58 to 59, Lauren describes falling in a grave and climbing out and ends with “The End”(p 59) However, on the next page she starts with not quite, and explains that she didn’t fall into the grave. She confesses that “I was just using a metaphor to try to explain my mental state…and I thought about falling in.”(p 60) She acknowledges the fact that her mind is unstable and she is changing the story a bit by telling us one thing, while in reality, something else happened. Overall, what I think, Lauren is like Humbert but in Lolita’s body.

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