Lying Part Two

This section of the book Lauren the more I understand Laurens “Epilepsy” whether she has epilepsy or not in this section it clearly opens my eyes and the main cause it has to be Anita, Laurens mother. I’ve seen self-absorb people but Anita takes home the price. Anita is ignorant to everyone else’s feelings but her own, and to see Anita not be a mother that Lauren needs her to be, baffles me.

At first Laurens Episodes showed her attempt in getting her mothers attention, but the sad thing is that even the safety of Anitas own daughter doesn’t make her change her ways and reach out to Lauren. It took me a while to notice that Anitas interest in Laurens epilepsy was just for her benefit and of course as soon as she noticed she gained no benefit she lost interest and devoted her time to other useless hobbies she would never be good at.

Lauren and Anitas relationship is very confusing at times I mean clearly no mother should ever treat her child the way Anita does but then again before Lauren left to the school to learn how to fall she told her mom she loved her and it brought tears to her mothers eyes. Where does tears of joy or sadness that she too loves her. And Lauren when the cops arrested laurens mother and lauren didn’t say anything in defense of her mother. Ive never seen a relationship like this it something that needs further reading to understand.

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