Lying Part Two

In part two, I kind of understand the relationship between the mother and daughter but it is still kind of confusing. When Lauren went to the supermarket with her mom, she had a small seizure. Her mom stopped her seizure but was misunderstood. While her mother was being misunderstood and was arrested, Lauren stayed quiet and didn’t her help. Even though she felt sorry, she had this “odd feeling of excitement, like there was mourning and happiness both” (44). She felt sorry for not helping but she felt a bit happy, thinking that she can live in a new environment different than she is living now. When Lauren’s mom got released due to an misunderstanding, her mom send her to a school where she learn how to fall correctly without hurting herself. When Lauren was all packed up and ready to leave, I can feel that she will miss her mom because she said to her mom “I love you, Mom” (46). Which brings tears in her mother’s eyes.

Later in part two, When Lauren learned to fall correctly and went home, she changed. Lauren want to attend this party her classmate is hosting but she wasn’t invited therefore, she lied to her classmate and was invited. A new character was introduced and he is Lauren’s new doctor named Dr. Neu. When the new character Dr. Neu was introduced, she changed a bit. I can feel that Lauren liked her new doctor, Dr. Neu because when she went to visit him, Lauren acted very ladylike.

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