Lying Part 2

This part of the story was actually more interesting. I began to understand more of the reason behind Lauren illness which is her Mother. As you read part two of this section you see that the narrator in the beginning shows a connection between her and the father. Even thought it was just a brief moment you can still sense that it meant a lot because she states “And i felt comfort come from a place where i had never even sought it, not from my mother, but from this man, who that morning made me breakfast.”(39)  With the feeling of being strangers to one another she still was able to connect with him at least in that moment.

Another part that stuck out to me was when Lauren and her mother went to visit the Dr. Swan and she brought up that every child has stressors. Not fully understanding what might be the real problem behind her illness into later on. what was really stressing Lauren out or holding her back was her mother, which Lauren already knew.  Lauren says “and even hundreds of miles away, it was her huge hand that held me up” (50) referring to her mother as “she” is the one who is holding her, and is unable to be free. then late on you see Lauren then breaking away which she states is betraying “I learned to buckle my knee and let myself loose,slipping southward, away from her, betraying her, yes i did it, all my muscles slack.” (52)

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