Lying part 2

Lauren starting to show interest to pretend to go through the treatments as a way to make her mother happy. Yeah sometimes the father is mentioned sometimes but it seems like Laura is most focused on getting her mother’s attention for various reasons mainly one uses her illness then Lauren starts admiring the talents her mother displays.“I want to talk about the auras.”(83) It still shows how much Lauren still thinks her illness is a gift. She does still think of it as another world that is opened through the seizures or as she says the “jasmine smell”.

“Soon after menstruation, the seizures worsened, which is sometimes the case with females, hormones egging on the brain, estrogen tweaking the system.” Well it seems as her hormones start to kick in, her condition worsen. I ink when she mentions things like her relationship with her mother will end is because now it would be harder to please her within a worsen state. I feel if Lauren loses the chance of getting better it will contribute to the overall relationship she has with her mother. I believe that is also why she look up to the doctor so much since there is still hope has treatment which can benefit her so it will deepen the bond.

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