Lying by Lauren Slater part 2

Part two start out a little confusing for me. The narration was is hard to fallow through out the part. The narrator unreliable narration and the mother inference make it difficult to follow the a theme. The mother seem to be in most of the setting of the story. “That school, my mother said, is run by nuns”(p31). The mother continue to play an important role in Lauren life. The mother see to influence the daughter decision in the second part. She could be the reason the lauren is lying about her illness.

“My mother stopped, snapped her mouth shut, and for just a moment she seemed flustered”(p35). Going to the doctor the reader can see how much influence she have over her daughter. Lauren act different when she is around her mother and act another way with the doctor. Eventually the doctor figure out that Lauren is lying to him. He knows that she want to tell the truth but is afraid to hurt her mother feeling and react to her telling her.

Whether Lauren is lying or not is still undetermined by the reader dour the second part.

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