In chapter 3 learning to fall, I didn’t know what to expect. The narrator speaks about her ice skating, and I then linked the two together. She speaks about how her epilepsy effected her skating and how she had to stop as it worsened. Her mom took her to the pond to practice. “Pivot and turn, my mother shouted, as I did, as I entered the thawing air, a memory suddenly came to me, a memory so clear and absolute it must have engraved in the back rooms of my brain for a long time, and I was finding it just now, perfect and whole. A memory that was moving slowly even while I spun fast, even while I felt my legs get big, get bloated, and my hands-huge now-filled with helium.”[29] I thought this part was strange. Her mom knows that she can’t really skate anymore because of her sickness, yet she brings her to a pond of all places? Why didn’t her mother take her to a skating rink? It seems like her mom denies the fact that her daughter is sick like in the first part of the story where the narrator says she’s blind, and her mom says nonsense, you have eyes, so you can see. Right after that moment she can magically see again.

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