In this section we actually understand to a greater length what the author is trying to tell us in this story. As a result of her illness, she practices how to fall without hurting herself and also the right approach in dealing with society when diseased. I think we find it here that although she was skeptical about her condition, she still found ways in dealing with the outside world and she explains that throughout this section. “There was a world out there, and I didn’t have to be a part of it, and slowly I saw the privilege of this” (74). This quote to me summed up the whole purpose of this section and that was to find acceptance not only from others but from herself. Although she was accepting of who she was, a surgery was still a possibility for her in order to treat the epilepsies.

She went to numerous hospitals and talked with a doctor about the possible halting of the seizures but that would require him to section her corpus callosum which I defined as basically splitting her brain in two. She went on to document the doctors result as saying that her treatment does not have no effect of behavior and personality towards others. This was really interesting as she found it to blame all her lying, stealing and inappropriate behavior as a result of the seizures. But this turned out not to be the case as she concluded. In fact this was her natural personality so is it still acceptable is a question that I wanna see answered and I think I will. Is this book about her real state or is all this a lie?

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