At the end of part two, Lauren includes Dr. Carlos Neu and Patricia Robinson’s paper on “The Biophychological Consequences Of A Corpus Callostomy In The Pediatric Patient” (98). She includes this in order to show that she does have epilepsy. According to the paper, “patients may display histrionic personality traits that include the persistent need for attention” (99).  This fits Lauren’s desires of taking time, attention and touch when she makes herself have a seizure at several ERs (86). Lauren wants the reader to see the connections with her actions and the doctor’s general analysis of patients with epilepsy.

Lauren admits to lying in the end of chapter 3. She doesn’t actually fall into the grave, but by first telling that she did shows that she wants attention. She was willing to fall into someone else’s grave to gain the attention of the people there. She also did it to escape into her memory of when she was falling down in the snow with the nuns (60). By falling down into the grave, Lauren would be able to take herself to a world that she liked better than the one she was in.

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