While reading the first part if lying,it questioned my mindset in life. the narrator opened my mind that by human nature,man lie as a whole specie. it is not that we choose to lie ourself, it is a force of nature to deceit when face telling. We lie to keep face with one’s feeling. The narrator stats how a friend of his could not find a gift for another friend. Not able to buy the gift, so she use the condiments in her hotel. When she gave her friend the condiments to her friend, she lied. The only way the truth came out was through her son. This made an awkward moment for the two friends. It is something about young children mind that makes them always tell the truth. I believe that with little kids, the way their minds work are to believe that telling truth would not get them in trouble. After telling the truth for so many times, they realize that the truth only brings pain to our love ones. They begin to learn how to tell white lies to justify someone’s request. The truth hurts because as human, we know that if someone gives us a gift and we hate it,what can you say besides that you like it. We appreciate the gesture but what contains in the gift, does not fit into our style. The question we ask ourself is how to play it off without seeming like a jerk. Lying is an everyday thing that we can not help.we spare peoples emotion because we rather as humans to be done to us in that same manner.

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