Lying reading responce one

Laureen is a young girl with epilepsy and had her first seisure at the age of ten. She tends to exaggerate her sickness, and her mother after the first seisure thinks it is the end of her. Laureen blames everything from her being epilepic, wheather it be about her seeing colors, hearing musis, smelling things or being tired. As a female myselfI would be the same way of being dramatic especially not knowing the symptoms of my illness. I thinks girls are more dramatic than boys in general with emotions and etc. Laureen later learns about her epilepsy in a moive she watched in school. I even learned about the damages one can cause to themselves from epilepsy. Some that I found weird was the biting of ones mouth and grinding of their teeth. Considering her condition she had no word when asked by doctors how she felt. I thought that was strange, if I were in Laureen situation I would express deeply how I felt every minute of the day when in pain. I also thought it was normal for people to hear music in their head but not Laureen, the noise bothered her making her crazy “I flamencoed on the floor, feathers came out of my ears, and my body made music, ,ade thunder and sleep, made Mozart, my hands curled into lobster claws.” (24). The epilepsy drove Laureen into seeing and hearing things that were unreasonable. If I were to be diagnosed I would probalbly go crazy myslef

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