Reading Reponse 11: Lying, Part One

Well I find the narrator’s secret world a place to escape reality in a sense. When I say that I mean she is trying not to get involved within her parents quarrels so the narrator at the time is ten who has epilepsy. “My father was too small, my mother too big”(12) this is where I saw what is ahead. I had interpreted this quote as the mother is asking for too much and the father is just satisfied. At first glance I see the narrator looking up to the mother since she is a out going person and does for the community, and the father is given little description like all he does is work.

Well they seem to be complete opposites in part 1 it could change later on. There is clear signs of external conflict like the fights the mother and father has(14). This as well can be a sign of financial struggling which was mention in the fight but one thing has gotten me. I think the mother influences the narrator to try and overcome her illness by encouraging that you can conquer anything through will. I find this a role model since not only the mother goes through her own problems but still has the chance to teach her daughter how try and improve situations.

The father seems to be absent from her inner life but there is not enough interactions to come up with anything so far. The more I think about the lobster part, the more it seems their fights are more about finances maybe because of medication. But it is clear that there is a distant between her parents, “they were lying on their separate sides of the bed.”(23)

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