The first page read two words, “I exaggerate”, That along with the title had me optimistic about what this book was gonna be about. The information in that little section gave me a lot of knowledge about the disease epilepsy. The way the author described it you could actually sense it all happening and you could feel what epilepsy feels like. But she twisted it up as to seem that it was all in her head and none of it was really happening. It was actually interesting to see because you would wonder if this has something with the title Lying.¬†She embraced her epilepsy at one point and used that to her personal advantage at one point to seek ¬†approval from others and to also steal. At one point she also stated that she had developed¬†Munchausen’s Syndrome which are basically lies lie makers make up with a hint of the truth.

Its really interesting because it has me anticipating what the author is trying to say. So far there have been a lot of turning points and its really hard to identify a topic the author focuses on. The book could head into the direction of what epilepsy has done to her, the effects of epilepsy or something of that sort but whatever it is the author made a good start in developing this book with what seems to be a lie. I think ill like this book way better than Lolita and I cant wait to finish already.

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