Lying : Part One

In the introduction we are asked to have an open mind when reading the novel and that it what I set my mentally to when I began the story.

Chapter 1 consists of two words, “I exaggerate.” (3) Already the narrator is implying that we should question their reliability in regards to what she says. It’s also kind of ironic that she is stating that she exaggerates yet uses two simple and straight forward words to do so. It kind of comes of as a warning, like we cannot proceed reading until we are made aware of her exaggerations.Through the first section there are several instances where the narrator comes of a lying. “I have Epilepsy. Or I feel I have epilepsy.” (6) At this point I was wondering alright well does the narrator have it or not. We also see her exaggeration take place when she describes her mother and father, “my father even smaller, so he was the size of a freckle, she higher than a house,” (5) She uses a metaphor instead of a simile to compare the two. We know that those statement cannot be true.However for some reason it doesn’t feel like a comparison more like that is what solemnly saw and believes. She states “just for the sake of the story let’s say she even licked her lips a little bit.” (22) This makes me wonder, will the narrator always give me a heads up when she is saying something “just for the sake of it” and am I going to have to sit and decipher as to what is a lie and what is reality. Something which I doubt it’ll succeed in being that one of her many symptoms of epilepsy is sigh and smell distortions.

I’m also trying to figure out what role Anita (Lauren’s mother) plays in the novel. I am well aware that she has power and authority over what happens. “She was such a big women with a big voice” (17) When Lauren felt like she couldn’t see, all that was needed were her mothers words telling her she was wrong and she could truly see, for her to obtain her sigh back. I keep getting the feeling that Anita is unhappy in her marriage. When Lauren sneaks a peak into the bedroom she sees how boring her parents are when they sleep. Anita also makes a notation while they are sitting eating dinner at the hotel. “‘A man should have thunder,’ she said, glaceing at my father” (17) I also keep getting the feeling that Lauren feels this need to want to please her mother and be important to her. I cannot figure out whether Anita as a  mother is loving or not, her actions contradict each other. I also noticed that Lauren might get her exaggeration and lying from her mother. Either way the idea of her is an interesting topic that I will be following along the novel.

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