Lying Part one

As I was reading Lying by Lauren Slater, the first chapter started with a short sentence “I exaggerate” (3). I think it is a foreshadowing that throughout the book the narrator will exaggerate more.The main character, Anita have epilepsy and epilepsy is a type of disease. She says that “I didn’t know, then, that epilepsy often begins with strange smells” (4). After mentioning that it starts with a strange smells, when Anita have epilepsy she “started with the smell of jasmine” (6).

The narrator mentions the smell of jasmine a couple of times in the second chapter. Anita says that “The summer I turned ten I smelled jasmine everywhere I went” and “I noticed I smelled jasmine in the bath, and my dreams were full of it” (4). During the summer, when the flowers were blooming, Anita only noticed the smell of jasmine instead of other flowers. Even when she take a bath or when she is dreaming, she smell nothing else except the smell of jasmine. Anita calls it the “jasmine world” (4), because from my point of view I feel like her world revolves around the smell of jasmine. I think Anita have epilepsy when she was ten because she mentions that she started smelling jasmine wherever she goes when she “turned ten” (4). As mention in chapter two where Anita says that epilepsy “often begins with strange smells” (4). I think jasmine is a symbol that represents Anita throughout the book because she calls her world the “jasmine world” (5) since, she smells jasmine wherever she goes.


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