Lying part 1

” I EXAGGERATE”  is the first thing we see when opening the book. At that moment i can predict  that something big was happening already. It gives the reader somethig to think about. As i read the first chapter the author bigins to indroduce her childhood and her sickeness which is epilepsy. “This is how eilepsy begins.It bigins beautifully,and with only slight pain.” (Page 9) I begin  to feel sorry for her because she only ten years old. Already i get the feeling this story might have a sad ending to it.

The title of the book seems weird because i see she already has epilepsy so why is the book called Lying? Their was one night were she had her first seizure and ended in the hospital. She was being checked up alot of times because to the doctor a ten year old girl having a seizure was very strange for him. This book looks veyr interesting unlike Lolita this book might interest me into reading it more. I feel bad  since shes in alot of pain. “Every muscle ached. there was blood in my mouth.” How can she keep up with this. Its intence.

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