Lying First Part

As I read the first part of Lying I automatic come to terms that something is definitely wrong with the narrator. The narrator makes us as  the reader believe she has this thing called epilepsy which causes her to have all these other symptoms such as smelling like jasmine. She then states “My world, though, was the jasmine world and I told no one about it” (5). Simply letting me know as the reader this so called thing she had was all made up, so why would she tell anyone.  With the title being Lying it made it much easier to believe she was lying and she would continue too. But that was just my oppression from reading just a couple of pages.

 “That was not my story then, and it is not my story now, although it is the right story, the true story, not my mother but matter more basic still; or is it?”(13) I don’t really understand what she was trying to say but she makes it clear that what we was reading was definitely the truth but it wasn’t her story.  But then again she starts the next paragraph stating “Here’s what was true”.  Just making the audience confused. I hope I don’t have to determine throughout the book whether the narrator is reliable or not.

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