Lying by Lauren Slater part 1

After reading the introduction and the first part I am looking forward to read the rest of the book to know what happens.

In the novel Lying the narrator knows that something is wrong with herself. Her parents are lying to her because their care about her. In many occasion he over heard them talking about her. Lauren parents lying to her is because their care for her very much. “ I can dimly recall seeing my father face in the background of the hotel room, plane and shocked” (p20). The father was sad find out about his daughter illness and is unable to cope with the news. They did not want to tell her because since she is young she will not be able to take the news well.

“She touched my head gently now, like it was hot, like it was cold, like it was warm” (p23).  The mother cares her like another will do for their child. The mother transform from a party person to a caring person after her daughter illness. She was not there for her daughter first seizure because she was drunk. Now she is a change person.

She is trapped in world of her parent’s lye and herself. Lauren pretends that she doesn’t know about her illness. “How did I feel? Shrinks have been asking me that question for decades now” (p20). Seeing a shrink’s meant that she is unable to deal with her seizure as a child. Now that she understands her illness she is able to treat it. Eventually the told Lauren about her illness and took her to a school where she learn about it.

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