“I exaggerate” (3)

These two words so simple, yet torturing to the mind. The first chapter, perhaps foreshadows what is to come. This also allows us to see exactly how unreliable the narration might be due to her “illness”. Which even before the book starts is said, “by the end of the book, the reader is, indeed, left to wonder whether, or to what degree, Ms. Slater has suffered epilepsy”. Are we yet again left as judges? Its amazing because i feel if she is as intricate with her use of words, as humbert was, will this story take us through another roller coaster ride?!

Anita, the mother who seems to be unhappy with her life. Yet both her husband and her daughter, seem to hopelessly seek for happiness through their own actions. “I think i loved her, or, like me, her unhappiness was his. He partnered up with Irving Busney in the bakery business”(11). To give her a vacation, to be able to afford the piano, to not have his manhood torn from him. Which in many instances we see.

Comfortable read, intriguing, and enjoyable. I definitely wonder though if its because of the mother she is suffering her “illness” or because of the unstable household she is living in, due to both of her parents.

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