I think lying is a human nature, almost as of our body. If this book its call Lying and the first chapter is “I exaggerate” how can I assume everything that follows is real?  Feels like Humbert’s style, unreliable narrator. I was attracted to her description of epilepsy, how alive it feels; the first symptom the smell of Jasmine “I didn’t know, then, that epilepsy often begins with strange smells” (4). How she describes after her first seizure the visual of her teeth during spasms of epilepsy “your grit your teeth, you clench, a spastic look crawls across your face …you grind your teeth with such a force you might wake up with a mouth full of molar dust”(19).
The narrator’s mother, what’s up with her, she didn’t care about her first seizure “and so I waited, but she never appeared to nurse me that night, and this is a grudge I still hold.” (20). and the part before that, where she just played the all-knowing and never touch the piano.

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