After reading the first chapter of the book, which was merely two words, “I exaggerate”(p3), I could already tell this was going to be an interesting story. Apparently, the narrator/main character has health issues such as epilepsy. Although that isn’t even the worst of her problems was her parents quarrel with each other as well. I felt more sorry for this girl as I read through the pages.

I think the main character’s epilepsy might foreshadow something (either good or bad) thats gonna happen. It may be good, if it brings her arguing parents together. However, it could be a bad thing if this quote is any indication of whats to come, “That night, I had my first seizure”(p19). In any case, I really hope that her parents would argue less and they could help their daughter when she succumbs to her epilepsy so they could be a happy family.

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