Lying: Part 1

     Hayward Krieper wrote the introduction of this book suggesting to “learn to tolerate” and to tell that “this book requires courage, along with an open and flexible mind” This gives a clear idea of how unreliable the narration would be, starting from the beginning of the book.

     The article from a textbook sets the mood of how interesting o boring the text is going to be.  Describing the stages of the so called “Classic grand mal attack” no surprise to find out that the book is divided into four stages a clear example of foreshadow of what the coming chapters would be about.

     Stage one is the Onset: where some of the drama of this unreliable narrator can be anticipated. To make this assumption stronger Chapter 1 contains only two meaningful words “I exaggerate” that questions whether the narrator will tell the truth o just tell lies. Before letting the reader go into the next chapter the narrator put two words in an entire page for a reason, to plant dough in the mind of the reader.

     The second chapter is the answer to the two words mention in the first chapter; it is full of exaggerations and metaphors “I have Epilepsy. Or I feel I have epilepsy.” (6) She is questioning herself and making the reader whether she is telling the truth or not, and for what purpose she manipulate this uncertainties. The strong character that her mother is over her father is an exaggeration compares them to objects.  Textual evidence about the lies throughout is numerous for example Anita lies about her job, her new house, and about her knowledge about playing piano.  

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