Reminders: Essay #2, Peer Review, ‘Lying,’ + the Literature Roundtable

Hi everyone:

Just a few quick reminders about what’s coming up (and what’s due) over the next week:

  • As requested (you can thank Lorrelle for speaking up on your behalf!), I have given you an extension for Essay #2. Essay #2 (on Lolita) is now due Tu 11/19. Before class on Tuesday, don’t forget to update your Cover Letter/essay to Dropbox, and to bring to class your final draft of Essay #2 with Cover Letter + the peer review (that your classmate did for you in Thursday’s class (please staple this all together, with the Cover Letter/Final Draft on top).
  • Thursday (11/14) Professor Rosen will be subbing class, as I will be in Charleston, SC presenting at the Society for Utopian Studies conference.. As we discussed, you will peer review Essay #2 in class this day. Make sure that you show up to class, on time, and bring two printed copies of your complete essay draft and one printed copy of the peer review guidelines/assignment (you can download this document from the top of the Essay #2 page on our course site). You may also want to bring highlighters, different colored pens, etc. to class to help you as you go through your peer’s draft. Make sure to read through the guidelines/assignment thoroughly before class to familiarize yourself with it, so you don’t have to spend time in class going over it. This class period/peer review will provide invaluable feedback for you as you work on Essay #2 (and your Cover Letter for the final draft should definitely take into account your experiences in peer review).
  • We will begin Lying on Tuesday (11/19), so make sure that you have read Part One and blogged (by Monday night) Reading Response #11. Remember, we made a deal in class: I give you the essay extension, but everyone still moves forward with the new reading/blogging. Therefore, as we agreed, if you don’t read Part One of Lying + blog in response by Monday night, you will receive no credit for Essay #2 (that was the deal!). I think you’ll like Lying, and it is a much more accessible book in many ways than Lolita. I look forward to hearing what you think of it.
  • As discussed in class, the Literary Arts Festival will take place on Thursday (11/14), right before class, during club hour, in the Atrium Amphitheater. The discussion will be on Tim O’Brien’s short story collection The Things They Carried, but even if you haven’t read it you should still go and check it out and talk literature with other folks. There will be a short text handed out/discussed there, and since you are now such awesome experts at close reading/analysis/elements of fiction, you should go show off your skills and participate in this conversation! And … as a little motivation (we know how you love incentives!) … anyone who goes to the event and blogs about it will receive extra credit (it will count as an additional blog post towards your blogging grade).

Good luck writing/peer-reviewing/revising your essays … I look forward to reading them when I return next week, and also to beginning our conversations on Lying.
Have a wonderful week/end! 🙂

Cheers,Professor Belli

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