Lolita reading

After reading through the last remaining chapter of Lolita, I seemed to have a little sympathy toward Humbert Humbert.  The guy seemed sad and depress most of the time, and wanted to find his Lolita.  Through reading, it almost felt like a mystery scene, where Humbert would go back to visit the hotels and motels where he and Lolita had visited. ” the clues he left did not establish his identity but they reflected his personality,  or at least a certain homogeneous and striking personility”, here we could see that Humbert is going to all if any length to find the “kidnapper” of his beloved nymph. He’s playing the role of a detective, and might have found clues that his the suspect’s personality.


Humberts love for Lolita seems real but the guy is makes it get the better of him. Here at his fist sight of Lolita in years he said ” I could not kill, of course,  as some have thought. You see, I loved her. It was love at first  sight, at last sight, at ever and ever sight”. Note that he himself knows that the reader understands he would never kill Lolita.. I myself am not too sure whether Humberts really love Lolita or not. From that quote he seems to be revealing some hidden obsessions, and would stop at nothing to keep her happy. She is whats on his mind first and last, he always think of her, even through the reading it is seen.


Humbert seems to understand what he has done, because had made it be know of his own punishment and wanted some that would be appropriate for the horrible crimes he have committed and I respect the guy for that..



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