Lolita reading response # 9

H.H explains his case to the court about him doing his best when the situation of boys, arrives to Lo. “I did my best our Honor, to tackle the problem of boys” (185). He is very persuasive with his words drawing a picture to the jury as if him and Lolita never had sexual relations. Also convincing the jury of ways to treat the young fellows as if they were family. H.H is manipulating creating a scene where it is acceptable for nymphets to have young fellows over for company.
What is not explained to the court is his jealousy towards Lolita with other high school boys. Yet, H.H is so detailed with Lolita’s interactions of holding hands with another boy. H.H is a lustful ,ogre that looks upon Lolita and her friends. H.H finds pleasure with his Lo being surrounded by other nymphets as she is just living a pre-teen girls life. Along with keeping Lolita to be his mistress H.H clearly lies to the readers claiming he is a father figure.
What I am confused about is why is H.H mention one of Lo grading, does he like girls with standards why judge and lust at the same time?

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