Lolita 247- 309

After finishing reading the book Humbert ended alone like he should be. All that journey with “his” Lolita comes to end after Lolita disappears and Humbert finds out that she has a husband and is pregnant. All those years that he didn’t hear from Lolita, Humbert suffers a lot because be becomes very lonely. Seeing what Humbert was doing just to find Lolita made me realize that maybe Lolita did mean something to him and not only wanted her for sex. When Humbert meets Rita, I feel that she was just someone he use for his loneliness and so she can keep him company due to fact that he didn’t have Lolita anymore. What surprised me was the fact that Humbert got with Rita even though she was nowhere near a nymphet and that fact that he was obsessed with nymphets in the first section of the book.

After reading Lolita’s letter that she send Humbert it just shows that Lolita all she wants from Humbert is money.I feel that she just manipulating Humbert due to fact she is always asking him for money and she knows that if she asks him he will do it simple fact that he wants her and would do anything for her. Lolita just wants to get money out of him and I’m guessing that now she realizes more of the damage Humbert has cause her for years and that even her mom’s life was taken away where she addresses to Humbert as her “murdered mummy”(286). Humbert confesses that he loves Lolita and I can say that he also cares about her so much and shows it at the end of the book when he tell hers to be true to her husband and hopes that he treats her right or else his spirit will come after him and wishes the best for their baby. He also showed that he cared when he went furiously after Quilty and ended up killing him. He didn’t like fact of the things that Quilty did to Lolita and wanted him to pay for hurting her even though Humbert had already harm her enough before he kidnapped her. I really saw a whole different Humbert at end of this book from the beginning and this Humbert showed the good and caring side that he can be, aside from all the crimes he committed throughout the book and all the harm he caused to the Hazes.

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