I find the introduction of Rita and Humbert’s description of her to be rather interesting. He seemed to have met Rita in a time of his life where he was very lost, confused and alone. He describes Rita as..”the sweetest, simplest, gentlest, dumbest Rita imaginable.” (259) Having said this I don’t believe Humbert had much respect for her but I do believe that he enjoyed her company. He also implies that Rita is such a kind person that she would offer her friendship to any poor soul, “out of sheer chumminess and compassion.” (258) I think Humbert appreciates her genuine companionship but also looks down upon this. He sees her as a naïve and “easy” person. Rita is a very intriguing character. We learn that she has a drinking problem, has had three husbands, suggests playing the game Russian Roulette to Humbert, Rita gets arrested, accused of stealing. Rita is a very unstable person. Its crazy to me that two mentally unstable human beings are trying to console one another but sometimes you need a shoulder to lean on, even if it attached to a crazy person!

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