The real Humbert

In this last section of Lolita I felt that we saw the real Humbert Humbert and the final mile of a journey for him. His mission for revenge took in full flight after the removal of Lolita from his presence and maybe even the maniac in him showed after that. Even till the end I couldn’t find any viable reasons for his behavior towards little nymphets and even conceded himself after he read the poem he wrote for Lolita. “By psychoanalyzing this poem, I noticed it is really a maniac’s masterpiece” (257), maybe he is after all. Not in love but crazy for love. Maybe all those things were deprived of him by older women, whatever it is really turned this guy into a creep.

He was all so confident in  his love for Lolita earlier that he even believed it himself in ways that plagued his mind severely. I dont think Humbert is a bad person and sure he may have done a bad thing in killing somebody but in his defense, he was helpless in his decision because he had no support around him. Lolita was his only main insparation and he lived for Lolita to the point it cost him the rest of his life. He surrended to that but not before with all the passion and love in his heart, attempt to school Lolita. He basically gave her a list of things to take heed to as a young adoloscent to ensure her happiness and to make sure she’s treated right(308-309). That’s what his life is all about, making sure Lolita is always happy and did everything in his power to ensure that even taking steps to leaving her alone.

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