The end of humbert and lolita part 2 (247-309)

Well this book was very shocking especially at the end where humbert starts chaging with lolita. He becomes very jelous and does not want lolita being around any guys unless his with her. Humbert realizes lolita is a flirt and realizes he should keep her closer to him. Throughout the chapters we would see a humbert who cared loved lolita and now he has change drastically. Humbert starts acting suspicious towards lolita after he sees her changing. She starts demanding him to give her money before any sexual act. At this moment i knew for a fact lolita would end up using him for money and needs.

Humbert realizes lolita has been dissapearing often and gets suspicious thinking she is seeing someone else. He then finds out their has been somebody following then throughtout their route. When he writes the number plate down lolita erases it. In chapters 18-22 humbert vows to kill lolita abductor. Humbert spends alot of times searching for her but never finds. He then gives up and finds rita a girl who he starts a relansanchip with. The connnection between rita and humbert for me was odd because she was an adult like him and he did say he did not like older woman. Of course their relansanchip didnt last and eventually finds lolita pregnant. When he kills Quilty everything changed for him he went to jail and writes to lolita saying “Donot talk to strangers i hope you will love your baby. I hope its a boy. That husband of yours i hope he treats you right because otherwise my specter shall come at him” (309). He really loved lolita to let her live her life with tha man she loved. I honestly thought it was a┬ástrong desicion┬á todo because it was not easy letting go of lolita. He proved that he really loved lolita┬áaftereverything he put her through.

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