Lolita’s Seperation

I’m glad I finally finished Lolita. It was a difficult yet good book to read; and i’m not just saying this because the book is out of the way. Part Two, as we discussed in class, definitely had a delay to it.

I was surprised in how the book ended on Lolita’s part; it was just a simple goodbye between her and Humbert, as in we, the readers, don’t see her physically no more. Presently I accept this fact though, it was simple but emotional. The powerful statement that was suggested in between Lolita’s gropes was, “He(Cue) broke my heart. You merely broke my life”(279). I was like DAMN!!! when i read that part. Years had passed between the two; so, for Humbert to first receive a letter, stating her pregnancy by another man, and then for Lolita to crush Humbert’s dream of any “microscopic hope”(280) of their forever life together; that would definitely be considered to be a deep tear in Humbert’s life. “This book is about Lolita”(253) Humbert states, so beside all of the side nymphets, Humbert always placed Lolita on top of his wishes. Lolita was his desire, all he wanted and knew. The symbolism behind the event, was when Humbert was on his way driving from Lolita’s place, he drove away on a rainy day; rain symbolizing sadness, as he states his inability to “cope with [his]..tears”(280).

As I read their final separation, I really suspected Humbert to pull out his gun, and be on some, “If I can’t have you, no body can have you” act, killing Lolita in the process; but I guess that would make Humbert contradict what he had stated earlier, in that he “could not kill her…it was love at first sight, at last sight, at ever and ever sight”(270). That’s a serious emotion right there because Humbert even steps outside of the story, with the use of metafiction, suggesting the reader to have thought the same as I thought; Humbert kills Lolita, and in that showing just how much we know about Humbert’s love for Lolita.

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