Lolita by Vladimir Nabokov p249-309

Humbert Humbert describe Loilta as a prey to him in part one of the novel. In the second part Humbert shows how far he will go to get Lolita. “I got out of the cat and slammed its door”(p269). Humbert set out a new plan to get lolita back for himself. He distance himself for everyone including Rita and focusing only on getting Lolita back. He was finally going to get his Lolita back, no one is going to stop him. Humbert after seeing her, he noticed that Lolita have out grown her nymphet look . He did seem to be in love with he anymore. Without her nymphet look, Lolita no longer resemble Annabel.

“I could not kill he, of course, as some have thought”(p270).  After all humbert went trough and on his way to find her while planning to kill her. Humbert then realize that he want not angry at lolita but want angry at the man who kidnapper her form the hospital. That man rob him of Lolita remaining nymphet years. Humbert set out on another quest to kill the man who rob lolita form him for all those years. Humbert loving Lolita very much, he then know that he could kill he. Despite everything he did to her, her getting kidnap and never coming back to him. Humbert narration toward the ending of the novel, make the reader think the he is going to kill Lolita and her husband. Hubert show his true love for lolita by not killing her or her husband.

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