Lolita 247-309

Humbert has finally met his end emotionally with the end of the story of Lolita. His greatest fear realized, Lolita escaped his grasps and ventured away from him. This personal tragedy transforms him from the strategic intellectual to a cold hearted man driven by vengeance. He treks backwards from his travels with Lolita to catch up with her and kill his brother for the treacherous act, “A thousand-mile stretch of silk-smooth road separated Kasbeam, where, to the best of my belief, the red fiend had been scheduled to appear for the first time, and fateful Elphinstone which we had reached about a week before Independence Day” (247).

Humbert truly loves his Lolita and his passion for her is what drives him to search for her over the long three years. Without her by his side he grows ever more uneasy “Solitude was corrupting me. I needed company and care” (258). This is due greatly in part to fact that Lolita is virtually the only person that Humbert has any true feelings for and the only person he has been himself towards rather than put up a front.  Once she sends him the letter asking for help he quickly rushes to find her to take her back and away from whatever life she has made for herself. Alas he catches up with her at her new home and begs that she come back “I want you to leave your incidental Dick, and this awful hole, and come to live with me, and die with me, and everything with me” (278). She rejects him and lets him know that there was no way she would ever return to a life with him. This is what destroys Humbert Humbert “I covered my face with my hand and broke into the hottest tears I have ever shed” (279). His love for Lolita has been put into question many times since the beginning of the story but now with its end it is evident that he loved Lolita not the nymphet but the individual at heart.

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